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Who in their wildest dreams would have imagined that the love of furniture would create such a flutter online?

That’s what Style Spa discovered right from the day they hit upon going social with Raising iBrows. India’s leading furniture brand with an impressive network of over 100 stores across the country, had a low-key social media presence. No sooner did we unveil the curtains on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, then the growing sound of digital applause began expressing itself, through a visible increase in fan numbers and engagement.

The simple objective of building a positive brand perception soon began to bear fruit. The quantum of consistent, dialogue-based audience engagements increased; new site visits soared; mass visibility for the brand soon took off. The brand’s Facebook page is the primary medium of engagement, as it is ideal for large-format visuals, engaging graphics and in-your-face messages.

Audience engagement is constantly kept alive through innovative contests and product promo campaigns – some of them aptly supported by apps and compelling communication messages.

Part of our social engagement initiative mandates us to answer queries and provide immediate customer service. Quick response to fan queries or complaints cascades into a near-instantaneous client alert. This in turn generates an immediate solution or connection with a point of contact, to further the conversation.

Style Spa is finally getting the just attention it deserves; building for itself a successful identity and brand perception in a crowded marketplace.

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